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The Global Obesity Patient Alliance (GOPA) has been closely monitoring the ever-changing world and news surrounding Covid-19. Each of GOPA’s Member Organizations have been diligently and actively responding to this recent issue with the needs and interests of their own members in mind. GOPA recognizes that the facts surrounding Covid-19 continue to change on a daily basis, but we are committed to sharing important updates and positions from our member organizations in order to ensure individuals with obesity are represented during these critical times.

While studies exploring the link between Covid-19 and obesity continue to develop, early evidence suggests that people with obesity are at a higher risk of complications if contracting Covid-19. Given this, GOPA and its member organizations continue to urge individuals diagnosed with obesity to exercise caution and follow their local guidelines and recommendations. GOPA continues to keep a pulse on the latest developments with Covid-19 when it comes to the health and lives of people affected by obesity.

As an Alliance, our members are urging more investment in research in relation to the connection between Covid-19 and obesity. With more than 650 million individuals living with obesity worldwide, It’s Time to create a better understanding of obesity as a complex, chronic disease. It is also more important than ever that we remain vigilant on issues of weight bias, ensuring that individuals with obesity are able to seek the care they need and are not discriminated against under any circumstance. As we continue to navigate the challenging times, It’s Time that obesity is treated seriously and that individuals are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Helpful Covid-19 Resources from Our Alliance Members:

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